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St. John the Baptist Servants Prep Program

Program Goals
The goal of Servants Prep is to impact, teach and make disciples to live a spiritually mature, integrated, Orthodox Christian life.
  • The program will focus on discipleship, study/instruction, and hands-on training.
  • Each student will have a spiritual canon to fulfill and track weekly.
  • Each student must complete the program to become a qualified servant, carrying and preserving the teachings of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the ministries of the church and in our community. 
  • The program will include broad topic categories: spirituality of the servant, the Holy Bible, patristics, liturgical subjects, church history, sacraments, social topics, topics on service, dogma/doctrine, comparative theology.
Class Overview & Meeting
  • There are two semesters of study and a summer of training and evaluation per year:
    • Fall Semester: September through December (Academic)
    • Spring Semester: January through mid-June (Academic)
    • Summer: June through August (Training)
  • Class meets on Sunday from 12:00-12:45 p.m.
  • Please report your absence in advance to your servants. Un-notified absence is unacceptable. 
Student Evaluation
Students will be evaluated on the following components:  
  1. A quiz per unit completed and an open-book final exam
  2. Weekly Spiritual Tracking Log
  3. Hands-On Assignments
    • Prepare a lesson
    • Prepare a Bible Study
    • Prepare a workshop
    • Prepare a form of visual aid [PowerPoint, videos, demonstration, etc.]
    • Prepare spiritual days for the younger children
    • Shadow servants in class [second year]
    • Shadow servants in visitations [second year]
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