Sunday School

Sunday School begins immediately after the Divine Liturgy every Sunday. The structure of each Sunday School class consists of three components: Agpeya prayer/psalm, a hymn and a lesson -- all from curricula available on our Servants Portal.

For the 1733 AM Coptic year (2016-2017), our Sunday School classes are structured as follows:

 Grade  Class Intercessor  Servants

 Toddlers (2-3 Years Old)

 Little Cherubs Sarah B., Jeanna B. Monica I., Shery S.

 Archangel Michael 

 Mary H., Mary M., Nancy R., Salwa R.
 Kindergarten & 1st Grade

 St. Peter the Apostle

 Niven G., Marina H., George M., Roza Z.
 2nd & 3rd Grade  St. Philopateer Mercurius  Mario K., Mariam K., Engy S., Arsany Z.

 4th and 5th Grade

 St. Abaskhayroun El-Kelliny  Oziris A., George B., Marcil G., Alfred L.
 6th Grade

 Abba Misael the Anchorite

 Marco G., Christeena K., Mira S.

 7th Grade

 St. Sarah the Nun  Jacklen EMark G., Monica N., Mario S.
 8th Grade St. Ephraim the Syrian Girgis F., Marina I., Yasmin M., Aida M.
 High School

 St. Mary

 Michael B., Mary G., Paul H.

 Ministry Servants
 Library Service  Alfred Soliman

 St. John the Baptist Servants Prep 

 Gina Abdo, Rasha Bishara , Mina Youssef
 The Well Sandy Attia- Holub , Michael Nawar
 Youth Meeting Mina Youssef


Servants Meeting - Sunday (1:00-2:00 p.m.)
All servants meet every Sunday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. to pray the 9th Hour of the Agpeya and listen to a spiritual word. Refer to Sunday School Servants Portal for all servants resources and schedules.

Abba Arsenius Sunday School Library
The library is for the use of children, youth and Sunday School Servants. Get more info about the library and the Reading Rewards Program.

St. Justus Aptitude Scholarship
The Sunday School Service is proud to sponsor a new scholarship for high school students. See details in the presentation.