Sunday School Library

Abba Arsenius Sunday School Library is for the use of children, youth and Sunday School Servants.

+ Location: The Library is located on the Sunday School floor

+ Hours: Sunday from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

+ Reading Rewards Program Administrator: Sarah B.

+ Catalog of books and media items that you can check out from the Library

+ Library photos

+ Library Reading Rewards Program (see attachment at the bottom of this page)

Membership Rules

  1. Membership is open to all children in 1st Grade and up, youth and Sunday School Servants.
  2. Membership fee is $20 per person for the first year. Annual renewal is $10 and is due on September 1 of every year.
  3. Membership is suspended if the item is lost, damaged or not returned, and the penalty fee is not paid.
  4. To become a member, you must complete the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and pay the Library membership fee.
  5. Library hours are posted outside of the Library.

General Rules

  1. Access to the Library is restricted to individuals with Library membership card only.
  2. Cellular phones must be set on silent or vibrate, and absolutely no phone calls are allowed inside the Library.
  3. No food or drink is permitted in the Library. You may not enter the Library if you carry any such items.
  4. Do not leave personal belongings such as purses, cell phones, etc. unattended. The Library is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged.
  5. The Library is provided for the purpose of reading and borrowing items; no other activities are allowed inside.
  6. Please handle the books and multimedia items carefully. Place all items back in their original place.
  7. If servants are interested in bringing their Sunday School class for a tour or to borrow books, please coordinate this visit with the Librarian. You cannot take all children into the Library at once. Please go in groups of five (5) children accompanied by a servant.
  8. Please keep the Library clean and tidy.
  9. Announcements are made 15 minutes prior to closing of the Library.

Replacement Rules

  1. All items are the property of Abba Asernius Sunday School Library.
  2. For each and every item that is damaged, lost, stolen or not returned, the borrower must pay a penalty of $20. In the event that the $20 is not paid within one week's time of the damage, loss or theft, the borrower's membership fee will be forfeited; his/her account will be suspended; and he/she will not be allowed to check out additional items from the Library until the penalty is paid and the account is reactivated.

Borrowing Rules

  1. During Library hours, readers may research, borrow and return items.
  2. You must present your Library membership card when borrowing, renewing or returning Library books, CD or DVDs. You will not be able to check out items without your Library card.
  3. Inform the Librarian immediately if your Library card is lost. The lost card will be canceled and a replacement card will be issued at a fee of $3.
  4. The Library card is non-transferable; only the individual whose name is on the card can borrow items from the Library.
  5. Unless reserved by another person, certain items may be renewed once for two (2) more weeks.
  6. Please return all Library items on or before the due date.
  7. If the item is not returned to the Library on or before the due date, a late fee of $1 per item per week will be incurred. You will not be able to check out additional items until the late fee is paid.
  8. If the borrower does not return the item within one month from the due date, the borrower’s account shall be suspended and the $20 membership fee will be forfeited.
  9. Before checking out items, the borrower should check whether any part of the item is in poor condition. If any damage is found, the borrower should report it immediately to the Librarian.

Check-out Allowance

The chart below displays the number of items you are allowed to check out per week and their loan period. Please note that you are allowed to have a maximum of three (3) items checked out at once.

Fee Schedule

Below is a summary of fees associated with the Library membership.