The Coptic Church's statement regarding the Corona Virus The Permanent Committee of the Holy Synod met

Chaired by His Holiness, Pope Tawadros II, this morning to discuss the latest developments on the issue of the spread of the Corona Virus 19 virus - COVID

The committee issued a statement, the text of which reads: In the framework of following up the exceptional situation that the world is going through these days, as well as data issued successively by the World Health Organization, which shows the rapid spread of the emerging 19-COVID virus in various countries of the world, including our dear country, Egypt, which is making They are responsible

Their best efforts to contain the epidemic, which is the biggest serious health crisis we have faced for hundreds of years and given that the gatherings represent the greatest danger that leads to the rapid spread of the virus, the Coptic Church decided

Orthodoxy out of its national responsibility

And ecclesiastics, and to preserve all the people of Egypt - closing all churches and stopping ritual services

Masses and activities. Closure of mourning halls, and any funeral service is limited to the family of the deceased only, provided that each parish allocates one church for funerals and prevents visits to all

Monasteries of monks and nuns. - This decision is effective from today, Saturday, March 2 for a period

Two weeks from its date, until further notice.

Recalling the Church by saying Jesus: “Do not try the Lord your God” (Matt 4: ۷), she appeals to the masses of Copts in Egypt and abroad not to be complacent about the current crisis, and to adhere to the measures announced by the responsible authorities, to contribute effectively to averting a catastrophe looming in

Horizon, translated by the increasing number of people living with HIV and deceased in the world. It is not wise or honesty for a person to cause injury to others or to lose someone

Loved ones.

The Church calls on everyone to raise prayers and supplications in every location, and is confident that their prayers will reach

The hearts of the Almighty Lord, that he will compassion on us and lift this tribulation, and give healing, peace and tranquility to the whole world and bless all the efforts that are made to face this epidemic that

Threatening the whole world.

Saturday 21 March 2020 A.M. . 12 Baramhat 1739 st.